Looking for plant-based or vegan options? Here are some tips!

Note: We do process animal products in our restaurants and some equipment is shared.

What to order:

Beans – No animal fats in our beans! Ask for no cheese when ordering beans as a side dish.
Tortillas – Our flour, whole wheat, and corn tortillas are free from animal products!
Veggies – Load up on the veggies!
Guacamole – Our guac is vegan!
Salsa – Green or red.
Habanero Sauce – Step up the heat.
Chips – Perfect with a side of guac.

What NOT to order:

Rice – Our rice is made with a chicken stock, making it unsuitable for vegetarians and vegans.
Enchilada Sauce – We use chicken stock in our mole/enchilada sauce.
Meat/Cheese – Any dish can be ordered without meat, cheese, or sour cream.

Menu Items to Try:

Bean Tostada – Ask for no cheese.
Veggie Boy Burrito – Ask for no cheese or sour cream.
Taco Salad – Ask for no cheese or sour cream.
Bean Taco – Ask for no cheese.
Potato Taco – Ask for no cheese.

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  1. Please consider using vegetable stock in your rice and enchilada sauce!!!! I hardly come here anymore because those were huge parts of my dishes! Thank you for this page tho!

  2. Thanks for the info, but to attract the vegan eaters you need to veganize more of your options, and clearly mark in store what is vegan and what is not

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