How to Order Plant-Based or Vegan

Looking for plant-based or vegan options? Here are some tips!

What to order:

Beans – No animal fats in our beans!
Tortillas – Our flour, whole wheat, and corn tortillas are free from animal products!
Veggies – Load up on the veggies!
Guacamole – Our guac is vegan!
Salsa – Green or red.
Habanero Sauce – Step up the heat.
Chips – Perfect with a side of guac.

What NOT to order:

Rice – Our rice is made with a chicken stock, making it unsuitable for vegetarians and vegans.
Enchilada Sauce – We use chicken stock in our mole/enchilada sauce.
Meat/Cheese – Any dish can be ordered without meat, cheese, or sour cream.

Menu Items to Try:

Bean Tostada – Ask for no cheese.
Veggie Boy Burrito – Ask for no cheese or sour cream.
Taco Salad – Ask for no cheese or sour cream.
Bean Taco – Ask for no cheese.

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